Meet the family behind your Creationz

- Ryan - Kelly - Shylah - Mia - Ella -


The journey started at home with small creations with the help of their 3 beautiful girls. Ryan working a full time night shift job and still current set out to push the limits and create something more, with the full support of his partner who also works during the day a small hobby started to turn into a small business. things took an unexpected turn in December 2019 when their youngest daughter was diagnosed with a life changing event Type 1 Diabetes. With the circumstances changing this looked like the end of Modern Wood Creationz. With decisions pending Ryan and Kelly decided to not let this stop their dreams but instead with family and friends ongoing support they decided to push the limits of what could be the next best thing in modern furniture. Over 1 year since the event Ryan and Kelly carried on building the business and moving forward into their very own workspace and shared shop showroom.


" We would like to continue to thank all our customers and ongoing support we really appreciate each and every one of you dearly and for giving us the opportunity to build your creation"

Ryan & Kelly